We plan to fill a PhD position within a new DFG-funded Research Training Group “Emotional Learning & Memory” at Hamburg, starting this summer!

Short description of our project within this consortium:

Mounting evidence points to a strong impact of brainstem arousal systems on memory mechanisms (encoding and recall) operating in the cerebral cortex. Unraveling this brainstem-cortical interplay is critical for advancing our understanding of healthy memory and of psychiatric disorders. In this project, we plan to uncover the causal effect of arousal signals from the brainstem on memory formation and memory-based decisions. This will be afforded by an integrated application of pupillometry, behavioral modeling, brainstem fMRI, and magnetoencephalography (MEG) in healthy human participants. We will use novel experimental designs to manipulate the responses of brainstem arousal systems, precisely in time, and quantify the effect on memory processes at a high level of mechanistic detail.

We envisage several exciting collaborations with other teams participating in the consortium, on basic science and translational topics.

If you are interested, please apply here (deadline on April 1, 2022):


PhD Position on Arousal & Memory-based Decision-Making

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