Keno Hagena just defended his medical doctoral thesis on a model-based fMRI study investigating the learning of stimulus-response mapping rules. He delivered a very impressive presentation of his work — without any slides, which, are (like an external audience) are not allowed for this event. He also mastered the subsequent oral examination in a highly sophisticated fashion. The entire committee was very impressed. He received a “magna cum laude”, whereby the only thing that kept him from a “summa” was the lack of a publication in a peer-reviewed journal. Well, the rules… Anyways, this paper is soon going to be out, and Keno has meanwhile obtained an excellent position at the UKE Dept. of Neurology. Soon, we will properly celebrate this, and Keno’s farewell from our lab. For now: congratulations, Keno!

From right to left: Laika (who clearly wants to be in the picture), Keno (the man of the day), Tobi (still coming to terms with the fact that Keno decided for a clinical rather than research career).
MD for Keno Hagena!

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