By Anne Urai & Tobias Donner.

Although we’d all like academia to be a true meritocracy, implicit biases shared by all of us create significant hurdles to achieving diversity in our communities. We discussed the data (showing both the extent to which gender biases cause problems in science, and the different factors that may be significant contributors) and possible solutions that we’ll all try to live up to. We believe that all scientists should aim be aware of the problems, hold themselves and others accountable, and strive to make academia a better place for everyone.

Find our meeting slides here as presentation, and here as pdf.

This blog post, and the slides, express the opinion of the authors; it does not represent the official position of the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE), or of the Department of Neurophysiology & Pathophysiology, UKE.

Gender diversity in academia

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